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Then I thought “You know what? I’m going to send him some music that I enjoy very much via email and wrote “my goosebump moment” in the subject. I sent him one email every day. That went well for a while, but I was going through my favourite music at a fast rate.

My friend Oliver is a global citizen. He loves travelling and loves other cultures. That’s why I figured I could cheer him up even more by asking people from all around the world to send videos of their goosebump moment to me. More and more videos were being sent to me, so I bundled them on a website, which I called mygoosebumpmoment.com. The idea was to send Oliver a daily goosebump moment. And…that seemed to help him. He appreciated it and enjoyed the daily international inspiration.

Now Oliver is better and goosebumpmoment.com has grown into a platform for anybody to share and read an inspiring moment from around the world. A place to share, inspire and look out for your next goosebump moment!” Durk Jan has received goosebump moments from over 150 countries. There was an article in a Dutch newspaper about Mygoosebumpmoment.com