goosebumpmoment about la vida bohème concert

La Vida Bohème concert

Rafa ( Vanuatu Vanuatu )

La Vida Bohème concert – Rafa’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Rafa and I’m from Vanuatu. The experience that gave me goosebumps was attending my first concert ever. It was a La Vida Bohème concert, a Latin American band and the day of the concert it was raining the whole day. I thought it would be canceled, but at the end of the day it started after many hours of delay. It was a super exciting experience to sing my favorite songs of theirs and fall in love with other ones that I didn’t know until that moment. After the show I had the opportunity to get to know some of the band members and talk with them for a while and it was an incredible experience.”


Who’s La Vida Bohème?

La Vida Bohème is a Venezuelan alternative rock band, winner of the Latin Grammy in the categories “Best Rock Album” and “Best Music Video Short Version” with the animated short film of the single “Flamingo.”

They have received multiple reviews from critics of renowned publications such as The New York Times and Esquire Magazine; they are part of soundtracks of video games like FIFA12 and GTAV, and they have been invited to renowned festivals such as Austin City Limits and Vive Latino.

La Vida Bohème’s Beginnings in Music

The band was formed in 2006 by four young high school students: Henry on guitar and vocals, Daniel De Sousa on guitar, Moises Engelberg on drums (being replaced shortly after by Sebastian), and Rafael on bass. The name comes from La Bohème, an opera by Giacomo Puccini.

During 2007 they dedicated themselves to performing at various events and festivals. In addition, they released their first production that same year, titled “La Vida Bohème,” an EP that contained three songs and was distributed for free through the netlabel Fanzinatra.

The following year was a year of great recognition for the group. They were winners of the most renowned event for Venezuelan bands, the Festival Nuevas Bandas. From then on, a more continuous media exposure towards the band began, emphasizing the sound and aesthetics they showed in their performances. Later that same year, the band was invited to participate as special guests of Motorokr Band Latinoamerica on Fox Latino.

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