brengt je in vervoering!

Wendy: my goosebump moment was the first time I listened to the song ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles. It was when I felt very sad and lonely because my best friend moved to another city without saying goodbye to me. Once we were very close and hung out together often. I didn’t understand why the friendship ended this way. When I listened to the song, it made me feel very peaceful and felt like everything’s gonna be alright. I understand that life is not perfect, and it does go on.

Alberto: my goosebump moment was when I was starting to live on my own and I had some difficulties with it. I was feeling down, I was feeling like I didn’t have a place in the world. I was feeling a little lost and ‘Ascension’ from Mac Miller was with me at that moment. Every time I listen to it, it gives me chills and goosebumps because I remember what I was feeling and how this song was with me and saved me in that moment.

Mario: my goosebump moment was when I finally had the opportunity to attend Coldplay’s concert, in Costa Rica. Specifically, when they played the song ‘Orphans’. I was very inspired by this song when I initially listened to it because it is one of those songs that really touches you very deeply and it touches the core of your being.

Oscar: my goosebump moments when listening to music was when saw my first huge League of Legends tournament in 2016, and the song ‘Ignite’ by Zedd was the one used for the whole campaign. The video is a recap of everything that happened the year before. So when I was listening to that beat, to that song, and watched the video, I just wanted to play the game and listen to the song.

Sonia: my goosebump moment was when I was listening to a song recently called ‘Youth’ by Daughter. This song can relate to a lot of people because it’s about a relationship when you’re younger and you think you’re going to be with that person forever and things don’t really work out that way. The line “if you are still bleeding, you’re the lucky one” is especially something many people will relate to.

Yvonne: my goosebump moment is when I heard ‘Electric’ by Katy Perry because I was disappointed with myself and stressed out because of my job. But then I heard that ‘Electric’ is very inspiring. It says “just believe in yourself, everything will be okay if you believe in yourself. This way doesn’t work, fine, you just choose another way.” So it really comforts me to make me think that there’s always going to be a way.

Ignacio: my goosebump moment is the song ‘Change your mind’ by Larnell Lewis. The reason why this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it is that, especially in the live version, I can see how the people that are playing this song are communicating with each other through music.

Adrian: my favorite goosebump moment was when I went to Phoenix, Arizona with my older brother to watch the NCAA basketball game. We went to the stadium early because we knew was there going to be a music event, it was a mini concert before the game started, and the artists were the Chainsmokers. They sang the song ‘Closer’ and I literally had goosebumps on my arms.

my my goosebump moment brings me back to 2016 when Leicester City won the Premier League title against all odds. This moment really came together when Andrea Bocelli gave an outstanding performance in the King Power Stadium to help Leicester crown their title in 2016. This was a remarkable season that culminated with Andrea Bocelli’s performance of ‘Nessun Dorma’.

my my goosebump moment is about a song called ‘Beauty’. When I listened to it, I felt really comfortable and relaxed, like walking in nature, under the blue sky and rainbow and close to the lake. One time I was traveling to Melbourne Zoo and enjoyed watching the butterflies. Some of them were really beautiful and flew close to us. I never thought such a big black and yellow one would be flying in my hand.

my my goosebump moment is when I hear the song ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ by Aerosmith. It’s my favorite song because I got to hear it when I invited this girl to have dinner with me. While we were eating and talking we heard this song in the background and we just looked at each other and we really enjoyed it. I had goosebumps. A few years after that, we got married, and we danced to ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ on our wedding.

Maggie: my goosebump moment happened when I traveled to India and spent The Holi Festival there. Being in those streets and sharing that time with many people made me feel so happy. It happened again when I saw Coldplay’s video ‘Hymn of the Weekend’ which is in the same streets in India. You see all the colors and the vibe that the song has, it makes me really happy.

my my biggest goosebump moment was when I was singing in the ‘Il Tabarro’ opera in Toronto. I’m an opera singer, and it was my very first leading role in an opera. I had such strong feelings, and I found myself transmitting all these feelings through the concert hall. Then I realized that all the biggest sopranos felt this which I was feeling right then. It was really magical!

GuYan: my goosebump moment is when I listen to John Denver’s song ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’. It brings me great memories of my grandpa and I always get emotional. I remember when I was young, I lived in the countryside. My grandpa liked to play his guitar and sing this song.

Yousuf: my goosebump moment is whenever I listen to the Attack on Titan song called ‘YouSeeBIGGIRL’. It just provokes magnificent emotions in me. It just motivates me to go out in the real world and face my problems and beat them. Whenever I am feeling down, I just put on my headphones, go out in the real world and just do my job and face my problems.

Edgar: my goosebump moment is the song ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen. This song is really, really powerful. The drums, the guitar, and Freddie’s voice. Everything is just legendary, and this song is really special for me because it gives me a lot of energy every time I listen to it.

Alisson: my goosebump moment: in February of 2023, Ricardo Arjona came to El Salvador for a concert, one of my favorite artists in the world! and it was my first concert ever! so, He was supposed to do his newest album and I was not expecting him to play songs that were really old that really were heart touching.

Victoria: my goosebump moment is when I heard the song “Fine Line” by Harry Styles. It is such a beautiful song. I heard it during the pandemic, when things were very uncertain and there was a lot of negativity in the world…and.. I just started listening more to the music. One time I stumbled upon this song and the build up, the way instruments, you know, join together.. and.. it starts very slow but then it develops this movement, uhm, like a wave. brengt je in vervoering!