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The Song ‘Beauty’ by Bethel Music and David Funk – Yongfang’s goosebump moment

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“Hi! I’m Yongfang, and I’m from China. My goosebump moment is about a song called ‘Beauty’. When I listened to it, I felt really comfortable and relaxed, like walking in nature, under the blue sky and rainbow and close to the lake. My good experience also came to mind. One time I was traveling to Melbourne Zoo and enjoyed watching the butterflies in a hot room. But it happened in winter. I was surrounded by different butterflies and flowers like I was living in a film, but it was in the real world. Some of them were really beautiful and flew close to us. I never thought such a big black and yellow one would be flying in my hand. She seemed to be saying to me: welcome to color’s world of color in Winter.”


The Beauty of God’s Majesty in Music

Music holds a special place in our hearts and souls, especially when it’s centered around worshipping God. One such song that has left a lasting impact is ‘Beauty’ by Bethel Music and David Funk. Released in January 2023 as part of the Come Up album, ‘Beauty’ reminds us of the radiance and majesty of God.

David Funk, a member of the Bethel Music Collective, shares that what he loves about this song is its simplicity. The chorus, “Oh, you are beautiful,” is a powerful reminder that God’s beauty is more than just physical. It’s a reminder of the spiritual beauty that lies within us when we worship Him. David explains that ‘Beauty’ takes us to a place of worship and remembrance, where we recognize that God chose to take on the image of a man to show us more of who He is.

Recorded live in Northern California’s Redwood forest, the Come Up Here album is an embodiment of everything that Bethel Music stands for. The breathtaking backdrop of the Redwoods reminds us of the majesty of creation and the glory of God. The album invites us to look up and reflect on the beauty of our Creator.

David Funk grew up watching his father play the piano on worship teams at their local church. He started playing guitar at a young age and began leading worship in high school. His dream is to lead people into the presence of God, where every person present is solely focused on Him. David thrives in an environment where worship is passionately centered around Jesus.

The song ‘Beauty’ serves as a reminder that God’s beauty is beyond comparison. The lyrics and melody capture the essence of God’s power and majesty, and they invite us to worship Him. It’s a beautiful invitation to behold God’s glory.

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