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The Song ‘Beautiful in White’ by Westlife – Delphine’s goosebump moment

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“Hello, I’m Delphine from Mauritius, and my goosebump moment is ‘Beautiful in White’. The first time that I heard it, I was reading a book with my headphones on. I was at the beach, everything was in a idillic frame, and the song was just amazing! And this reminded me of my wedding day and made me feel nostalgic. It is a song about someone telling his promise that she is everything for him. He just can’t believe what’s happening to him, so it’s a really nice song.” 


Love and Romance

‘Beautiful in White’ is a song recorded by Irish singer-songwriter Shane Filan from his third studio album, Love Always (2017). The track was originally written by Savan Kotecha and Arnþór Birgisson for a then-upcoming album of Filan’s band, Westlife.

After it was rejected, Filan’s 2006 demo of the track surfaced online in 2010 and gained much success in Asia where it was a popular wedding song and making it as one of their sleeper hits. The singer eventually acknowledged the song’s popularity four years later, and in 2017, he re-recorded the song for Love Always.

The band’s frontman, Shane Filan said “We wrote this song for our fans and it quickly became an anthem for couples all around the world. We wanted to capture the beauty of a wedding day in a single song and we feel that we have achieved that with ‘Beautiful in White’”.

The song expresses love and romance through its beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. ‘Beautiful in White’ is a timeless classic that celebrates all aspects of love including marriage and commitment.

It has been covered by many artists including Westlife’s former member Brian McFadden who described it as “a classic wedding song”. It has also been featured in many films such as The Wedding Singer and Bridesmaids as well as numerous television shows like Glee and Grey’s Anatomy.

‘Beautiful in White’ continues to be popular among couples today with its uplifting message of love and romance. It is often played at weddings throughout the world symbolizing everlasting love between two people.

In celebration of 10 years since its release, Westlife has released a special edition music video featuring footage from real-life weddings across the globe showing how much this song means to so many people around the world.

Shane Filan commented, “It has been incredible to see how much this song means to so many different couples from all walks of life across the world”.

Westlife’s ‘Beautiful in White’ continues to capture hearts ten years after its initial release inspiring couples everywhere to celebrate their love through music.

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