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The song “Imagine” by John Lennon – Paolo’s goosebump moment

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“Hi, I am Paolo Santana and I come from Seychelles. My goosebump moment is whenever I listen to “Imagine” from John Lennon. That is something that takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of how a beautiful message like that could change your life perspective in so many positive ways. Just like a virtuous circle that we can start with any of our words or actions and encouraging someone else to do it. Art is made to show this wonderful thing to people, and all of us can be artists by doing this. It’s always good to know that it doesn’t matter how things can be, we can work together to be better as a society. I hope you felt encouraged to deliver a positive message to all your loved ones by this watching this clip and I wish you have a great day!”


The masterpiece of John Lennon

There are songs whose power of seduction is immeasurable. Songs that not only do you never get tired of listening to, but that every time they play they sink deep into you and manage to activate dormant emotions. “Imagine”, John Lennon’s masterpiece after the Beatles and one of the best-selling singles in the history of pop music, is one of them.

After the disintegration of one of the most successful groups in the 1960s, The Beatles, its members began a solo career. John Lennon had several hits throughout his career, among them this song, the most iconic, which was inspired by one of the singer’s father’s songs.

How was the song “Imagine” born?

“Imagine” is a song that belongs to John Lennon’s second studio album which has the same title and which was released in 1971. The song written by John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, reached the top of the charts.

“Imagine”, probably the most successful and emblematic song of Lennon’s solo career, lets us delve into John’s deepest ideological desires. A world in which religion does not exist and people see themselves as agents of change, without dogmas or traditional ideologies.

The song was composed one morning in ’71 in his bedroom while Yoko watched him attentively as he worked on his piano and was able to finish the song, with a serene melody. John even said in interviews that “it’s the best thing I’ve ever written”.

And no wonder. He knew he had written something special.

John Lennon’s political tendencies had been evident since the time of The Beatles, but they were exacerbated, for example, through his songs.

That year, when the musician decided to move from London to New York, he had trouble getting a visa due to the reluctance of the U.S. government because of his pacifist attitude and his influence on youth, as well as his alleged financial contribution to the liberationist and anti-racist Black Panther group.

He finally managed to settle in the city, from where he would initiate several highly politicized campaigns with concerts and demonstrations in favor of peace and which would earn him the title of “Persona non grata” in the city.

Successes of the song “Imagine”

The song “Imagine” was chosen by the British at the end of 2005 as the best song in history, according to a poll organized by Virgin Radio in which 7,000 listeners participated.

The song, which over the years has become a pacifist anthem, topped the list of 500 songs.

Rolling Stone magazine placed it on the podium of The Best Songs in the History of the 21st Century in third place behind Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” in first place and The Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No, Satisfaction” in second place.

On October 8, 2010, a series of objects owned by the singer were placed in the time capsule of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio, United States, where the capsule will remain until October 9, 2040, Lennon’s 100th birthday.

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