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Susan Boyle Audition

Yashar ( Syria Syria )


Susan Boyle en Britain’s Got Talent: el momento de piel de gallina de Yashar


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Yashar: “Greetings everyone! How are you? I am from Syria but currently living in Kurdistan. I will tell you about one of my goosebump moments. This one was back in 2009. I was watching TV. I was watching Britain’s Got Talent when suddenly a middle-aged lady appeared on the stage. Everyone made fun of her because she looked very old, and she did not seem to them like she had the talent but actually the moment she started singing it was like wow! It was amazing. Well, literally she took us into another world. It was Susan Boyle back in 2009 Britain’s Got Talent and the song was “I dreamed a dream”. See you. Bye.”


An international phenomenon

Every year, Britain’s Got Talent surprises its audience with talented contestants who attend the show to try to impress a panel of judges and the audience and win a place in the live televised rounds.

One of the contestants who undoubtedly became an international phenomenon after her appearance on the show was Susan Boyle in 2009. Her rendition of the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables” immediately silenced both the judges and the audience, earning her a standing ovation and giving more than one person goosebumps.

Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent

When Boyle first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 at the city’s Clyde Auditorium, she said she aspired to become as successful a professional singer as Elaine Paige. After performing “I Dreamed a Dream” she was accepted after a preliminary audition in Glasgow.

Boyle was one of 40 performances that went through to the semi-final in which she performed “Memory” from the musical Cats. In the audience vote, she was the performance that received the most votes to advance to the final. She was the clear favourite to win the final, but finished second behind the dance group Diversity. The television audience in the UK was a record 17.3 million viewers.

Who is Susan Boyle?

Susan Boyle is a Scottish singer who grew up in Blackburn. She is the youngest of nine children. Due to complications during her birth, she was briefly deprived of oxygen, which left her with mild brain damage; at school she was diagnosed with learning disabilities, for which she was frequently teased and bullied.

In 2013, however, she revealed that what was believed to be brain damage was Asperger’s syndrome. Boyle was drawn to music and singing from a young age, and at 12 she began participating in musical productions at school.

Her talent was quickly recognized by her teachers, who encouraged her to persist. After leaving high school, Boyle worked briefly as a trainee cook at West Lothian College before starting to study at the Edinburgh Acting School. She continued to cultivate her voice, singing in her church choir, in local karaoke bars and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Boyle’s professional ambitions were put on hold in 2000, following the death of her sister. However, in 2002 she resumed professional singing lessons and subsequently made several recordings for local and charity performances but continued to receive only local fame.

Devastada por la muerte de su madre en 2007, Boyle se retiró por completo del canto durante casi dos años. Sin embargo, a fines de 2008, hizo una audición para Britain’s Got Talent para honrar la memoria de su madre, quien había sido fanática del programa y la animó a participar en él.

El primer álbum de estudio de Boyle, “I Dreamed a Dream”, debutó en el número uno en las listas de Billboard en noviembre de 2009 y fue el segundo álbum más vendido de 2009, vendiendo más de 3,1 millones de copias.

Hizo su debut actoral en la película dramática “The Christmas Candle”. También tuvo una aparición memorable en la comedia Zoolander 2 y su autobiografía, “The Woman I Was Born to Be”, se publicó en 2010.

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