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Azad ( Bangladesh Bangladesh )

The best drummer ever on the street with buckets – Azad’s goosebump moment

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Azad: “Hi, I’m Azad. I really love to hear music all the time. Today I am going to share with you my goosebump moment. My goosebump moment happened when I was watching a video of a street drummer named Gordo. In that video, Gordo was sitting on the street with a few buckets and two drumsticks. Then he started to beat those buckets like drums. Can you imagine? Wow! I personally couldn’t imagine that. He was so good at it that people on the street started to gather around him. He was really very fast and skilled. After watching that, I have learned and I have realized that if you have talent, you do not need any equipment. Your potential will come out automatically. And that is what Gordo has done. I am really motivated after watching that video. Don’t forget to also watch this video! Thank you.”

The best drummer ever on the street with buckets

The street drummer Gordo went out into the streets with 5 buckets and 2 drumsticks and simply started beating them like you would a set of drums. He creates different sounds by raising the buckets up with his feet or by hitting them in the middle or the sides.

This way he can get a lot of variety in his playing and create a fuller sound. His passionate way of playing with sounds and rhythm soon gathered a whole crowd around him to listen to his talent show.

Street Drummer Gordo

31-year-old Australian drummer Gordo plays buckets and drums. He is a well-known YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers who went viral with a video called “One Bucket” where he plays one bucket in the middle of a busy shopping street during Easter break. The video currently has over 44 million views.

Gordo is from Sydney, Australia, but has previously studied in Japan. He uses everyday items like buckets to make music and show off his talents. He is full of energy and passion and shows that in each of his performances. He alternates his sounds using nothing more than a pair of drumsticks, buckets, the floor, and his foot.

In the video below from 2018 he is playing multiple buckets in the street and even gets one of the girls behind him to start dancing and twerking along to the beat. The video has been watched over 7 million times.

His greatest influence is New York City busker Larry Wright. He works with artists around the Sydney area or works at parties and events, but you can find him on the streets, sharing his talent with people just as much. Over the years he did make a career from busking out on the street.

Gordo also makes lesson videos on his YouTube channel and covers songs, like this cover of Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape of You” for example.

Gordo does play real drums as well! He has been playing drums for over 12 years. This is a drum cover of The Beginning – One Ok Rock.

Other great street drummers

There are so many amazing street drummers to be found on YouTube and all over the world. Like Gordo, some street drummers use something else than a conventional drum set to show off their drum skills. Street drummer PipeDrumz uses colorful pipes to deliver rhythm and a beat, making them sound like a sort of electronic drum.

Another drummer who uses pipes is Pipe Guy. Pipe Guy plays a combination of house, trance, and techno music on his white-painted pipes.

Matthew Pretty, aka “The Bucket Boy”, is from Los Angeles and plays on buckets, pots, and pans to bring his sound across. This performance is on the Vegas Strip in Las Vegas.

Dario Rossi is another drummer who uses pots, pans, buckets, and other general appliances to deliver a beat on the streets. This street performance in Paris has people crowding around him and enjoying his special performance. He also plays real drums, as can be seen on his YouTube channel.

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