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Simon ( Belize Belize )

The Song ‘Dancing on My Own’ by Calum Scott – Simon’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Simon, and I am from the beautiful country of Belize. I would say that one of my goosebump moments is listening to the song ‘Dancing on My Own’ by Calum Scott. I would say it is a goosebump moment for me because everything that he was speaking about in that specific song hit me a little bit hard because I had my potential wife. We were actually engaged, and it was a pretty rough time for me because she left me for someone else and I was devastated. The first time I listened to that song it caught me off guard. Actually, we had an emotional breakdown. We were planning our wedding and two months before she actually found someone else and left me hanging. I was super torn down. I couldn’t even say how I felt that day. But when I found out, I listened to the song by Calum Scott ‘Dancing on My Own’. Man, it gave me goosebumps because I kept reminiscing about my ex-fiance and it just broke me down. So that is one of my goosebumps moments.”


Feel-Good Hit

Calum Scott has released a feel-good hit that’s sure to be played on repeat all year long. His song ‘Dancing on My Own’ is an uplifting pop anthem that celebrates self-love and encourages listeners to dance in their own unique way.

Originally from Minneapolis, Calum Scott has been writing music since his teenage years. His love for music comes from his passion for musical theater and he often uses it as a way to express himself. After working with some of the biggest names in the industry, he decided to take a break and focus on creating his own original music.

“I wanted to make something that was personal to me but also something that people could relate to,” says the English singer Calum Scott. “I think it’s important to write songs that talk about real emotions and experiences so people can feel connected with them. That’s why I wrote ‘Dancing on My Own’ – it’s an upbeat reminder of how important it is to love yourself no matter what other people think or say.”

The song features a catchy melody over driving beats, making it perfect for dancing along or just listening along in your car. The lyrics are full of positive messages about self-love, acceptance, and being true to yourself no matter what anyone else says or does. It also contains powerful messages about embracing your individuality and not letting anyone else define who you are or how you should act.

The music video for ‘Dancing on My Own’ was filmed in Los Angeles and features Calum Scott singing along with dancers from all over the world showing off their unique moves while wearing colorful clothes and accessories. The video perfectly captures the song’s message of self-expression through movement as well as the joy of dancing without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

This feel-good hit is sure to become a fan favorite among pop fans everywhere! With its infectious melody, inspiring lyrics, and empowering message, ‘Dancing on My Own’ will have you up out of your seat and moving in no time!

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