To Be Loved by You

Parker McCollum

Nepha ( Belize Belize )

The Song ‘To Be Loved by You’ by Parker McCollum – Nepha’s goosebump moment

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“Hello! My name is Nepha. I’m from Belize, and my goosebump experience happened while I was at Parker McCollum’s concert at the Houston Rodeo. So, the livestock show had just concluded and the concert was about to begin. They had turned off all of the main lights and there was this beautiful display of fireworks. These beautiful multi-colored lights were flashing around the entire arena. All of a sudden, we heard the drum and guitar introduction from my favorite song by Parker called ‘To Be Loved by You’. Then we heard his voice. He started singing my favorite song. That moment was just surreal. To be there, in person, and hearing him singing my favorite song, by him, was an unforgettable experience.”


‘To Be Loved By You’ is a Must-Listen

Parker McCollum’s song ‘To Be Loved By You’ is an emotional and powerful ballad about the beauty of love, and it’s sure to become an instant classic. The American country singer wrote the song with his co-writers, Josh Osborne and Ross Copperman.

He says that it was inspired by his own journey in life, which has taken him from small-town Texas to a successful career in music. “I hope this song can be a reminder for people that no matter what you’ve been through or where you are in life right now – you are worthy of love,” said McCollum.

The track combines McCollum’s signature country twang with thoughtful lyrics and an infectious melody. It serves as an anthem for anyone who is searching for love or a reminder of how it feels to be loved by someone else.

The uplifting chorus captures the essence of the song perfectly: “Oh, I want to be loved by you/Baby, I want to be loved like that/When I’m down on my knees/I want to be loved by you.”

In addition to writing songs about relationships and love, McCollum also touches on important social issues in his music. His previous single ‘Pretty Heart’ was praised for its poignant message about mental health awareness and suicide prevention. With ‘To Be Loved By You’ he continues his tradition of creating meaningful songs with real substance.

Since releasing his debut album in 2015, Parker McCollum has gained a large following due to his unique blend of country-rock sound and honest lyrics.

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